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Oct 22, 2015 · CLIMATE Water scarcity affects the regions climate Deserts cover more than 50% of the region Sahara Desert largest desert in the world, covers North Africa Weather patterns in deserts are extreme, cold nights and long hot summers Rub al-Khali in Saudi Arabia largest area of sand in the world Some nomadic herding and small scale farming is ... Apr 01, 2015 · Saudi Arabia and the United States have not agreed on support for Israel or engagement with Saudi Arabia’s regional rival, Iran. Saudi Arabia was a founding member of the Arab League in 1945. The population is now threatening to reach the stage where there are simply too many people for the planet to support. He often watched his father painting and sometimes was allowed to help. What is more, modern technology has made it possible to eliminate the bad effect of computers on our eyes.With this cross-border purchase, KFH expects to increase consolidated profits by more than 90% from its 2018 levels. Last year saw other major announcements. In Saudi Arabia, Bank Alawwal and the Saudi British Bank (SABB) approved a merger to form the country’s third-largest bank, with more than $70 billion total assets.