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Dec 03, 1996 · A microwave densitometer comprises a phase difference detecting section for detecting a phase difference between a microwave generated from a microwave generator and a microwave received by a microwave receiver, a rotation number updating section for varying a value of number of rotations "n", a correcting section for obtaining a difference value ΔΘ indicating a difference between a true ... Oct 27, 2013 · I wasn’t present at the exact moment my young microwave went on the fritz. (Samsung model SMH 9187 ST) However, its aftermath glow simply displayed two letters above the keypad: ‘SE.’ I went online to look the code up, and ‘Ms. Samsung’ from the Samsung support site explained it means “Short Error” on the keypad. Aug 13, 2015 · On July 21, 2015, Toshiba (OTCBB:TOSBF) CEO Hisao Tanaka announced his resignation in the face of an accounting scandal tied to about $1.2 billion in overstated operating profits.Details of the ... Multi VRF TOSHIBA . Según el código de verificación en el mando a distancia de la unidad interior, un problema de la unidad exterior se puede diagnosticar mediante la visualización de 7 segmentos de la placa de control de la unidad exterior.