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For a smooth function, the Taylor polynomial is the truncation at the order k of the Taylor series of the function. The first-order Taylor polynomial is the linear approximation of the function, and the second-order Taylor polynomial is often referred to as the quadratic approximation.(a) The polynomial expression Tf,c,n(x) is called the degree-n Taylor polynomial of the function f about the point c, or simply the degree-n approximation of the function f about the point c. (Note that as a polynomial, its degree is at most n; it can be strictly less than n because it can happen that f(n)(c) = 0 et cetera.) The first 5 Taylor Polynomials (in red) for y = e x (in black) at base a = 0 For each value of x, Taylor polynomials become successively better approximations to e x as more terms are added. Each Taylor Poynomial becomes a gradually poorer approximation to e x as x moves away from the base point a = 0 P 0 = 1 P 1 = 1 + x P 2 = 1 + x + (½)x 2