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Sep 01, 2018 · I got a TLE for the Python code below, because the time cost of bisect.insort is O(n) for a built-in list. ... is called for quick check the max sum of any sub arrays ... to nd the sum of each row of a two-dimensional array, but calling np.sum() will compute the sum of all elements in the array. To apply functions to rows, columns (or higher-dimensional cuts) of an array, the axis argument is used. c = np.arange(20).reshape((4,5)) col_sum = c.sum(axis=0) # Or np.sum(c, axis=0) C program to find sum of all elements of each row of a matrix. How to find sum of all elements of each row of a matrix in c? C language program for getting sum of each rows of a two dimensional array (matrix). NumPy arrays can be used with many arithmetic operations that are not defined for Python lists. Here we create an array with 5 rows and 3 columns, initialized to hold all zeros, with each entry stored as an 8 byte floating point value: