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Covers using crosstab function packaged in the postgres tablefunc contrib module in order to generate cross tab queries: Table-Driven and Data Driven Programming: Example of using Table-Driven technique to generate SQL for a cross tab query: Dynamic Crosstab Queries: Example of how to create static and dynamic cross tabs in SQL Server 7. dbForge Query Builder for SQL Server is an SQL query builder to make your SQL queries fast and simple regardless of their complexity. Our SQL query tool is a well-polished unit for creating database queries on a whole new interactivity level thanks to the visual features via graphical SQL query designer when dealing with SQL Server through a ... Jul 20, 2015 · This time SQL Server 2016 has made good additions in area of Security by introducing features like: 1. Always Encrypted 2. Row Level Security, check my previous post, 3. Dynamic Data Masking, this post 4. and other security features, like Transparent Data Encryption (TDE), etc. Dynamic Data Masking provides you support for real-time obfuscation…