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Makefile Pass Arguments Make Is Not Designed To Pass Arguments To A Target. All Arguments On The Command Line Are Interpreted Either As A Goal (a.k.a. Target), As An Option, Or As Apr 05, 2013 · In my previous posts Spring bean scopes (Singleton and Prototype) with example and Spring bean scopes (Request, Session, Global Session) with example I discussed about the bean scopes in spring. There’s one more scope which I forgot to mention, its the Thread scope. The spring documentation states that As of Spring 3.0, a thread scope … Jul 09, 2014 · This is the first time we are using Spring batch on our platform, and we will be using multi-threaded steps. We need a context object for passing some data across steps. The ExecutionContext will not suffice in multithreaded access, as we will require a 'read-then-update' pattern (repeatable read isolation reqd).