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3. Reticles. The reflex vs holographic sight uses different reticles based upon the versatility nature of both. Moreover, the reticles of the reflex sights create more colors and always better than that of its competitor. You can experience this while using a reflex sight. I am here again to introduce the No Scope Sniper Rifle. Rare, Epic and Legen. dary rarities. Shoots as fast as a Semi-auto sniper. 5 shots on clip. 100 damage shot with rare, 110 with epic and 125 with legendary. Same bullet velocity as the normal bolt action sniper. Has slow aiming animation to prevent quickscoping. Has huge bloom when not scoped How to unlock all Optic Reticles EASY in Modern Warfare. How to unlock reticles in COD MW #CODMW #CallofDu...