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A membrane-bound organelle ("mini organ") in eukaryotic cells, aka those cells that contain a membrane-bound nucleus. Mitochondria have their own inner and outer membranes that provide the structure needed to make large quantities of usable energy (in the form of ATP) from lipids, sugars, and proteins in a process known as cellular respiration. The mitochondrion is the cell's powerhouse. lack membrane bound cell organelles. They have a single chromosome. Download All PDF fi les from 48. What is a eukaryotic cell? Ans : Eukaryotic cells are much larger and more complex than prok aryotic cells. Their complexity is reflected in their DNA content. These cells contain a membrane bound nucleus containing nucleolus. Lysosome: It is membrane bound organelle in the cell whose major function is to digest or degrade waste and other excessive particles in the cell. It also digests engulfed cells like bacteria and viruses. Many plant cells may lack lysosome as they have larger vacuole which substitutes the role of lysosome.