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Palmetto State Armory Freedom AR-15. 5.56/223 caliber. Adjustable stock, dust cover, one 30 round magazine. Free floating FN barrel, mid length gas system. When we visited Palmetto State Armory, both Duncan and I built a rifle in the factory. We got one of those out to the range and got some quality time with the U.S.A. --(Ammoland.com)- Not too long ago Ammoland Editor Duncan Johnson and I went to visit Palmetto State Armory's numerous facilities.Palmetto State Armory AR Pistol in .223 or 5/56mm with Wrist/ Arm Stabilization Brace & Red Dot. Here we are offering our "Top of the Line" and best made customized AR Pistols. All of the components are made in the USA. The lower is from Palmetto State Armory and has been customized to our own standards with a new trigger mechanism. The trigger ... Was haveing issues with my gun not locking into battery as i would charge it... the issue drove me nutts until i started tinkering around with the extractor...